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Fun, Festive, Fellowship And Launch Of Pinoy Quantum Power!

Our FE WEST AVENUE Global Family held its “FUSIONistic Christmas 2011” at Elements located at Centris, EDSA corner Quezon Boulevard, QC on December 14.  Attended by almost 400 FE Leaders, members and friends from different regions of the country, it was a spectacular evening of fun, feast and festive and fellowship! 

The futuristic-blue-themed party implied the next level of growth in 2012 that we are all heading in total alignment with FE Malaysia headquarters. The program started with a robotic dance number from our very own PILYOZ International Dancing Statues. Then, the dynamically bright LED Stage Backdrop opened in the middle to welcome the entrance of all the Directors, Executive Directors, including our Japan Licensee ED Tanishima Hisayosi,  Presidential Directors, and Crown Presidential Directors who did catwalks and robotic dancing!

CPD Em Torre, CPD King Fortuna together with Director Allan Dale hosted the Event. An icebreaker called the Powerpoint Game started the ball rolling. Raffle after raffle of Gift Certificates and cellular phones followed by exciting games like Fusion Trivia and FEEL OR NO FEEL (a spin-off from the international game show Deal or No Deal) were participated by all achievers. 

Live entertainment by 12 year old PD Dave Amurao singing; "If We Hold On Together." Clark Gamul sang "Ang Pasko Sa Pinas" while CPD King and office staff Hershey sang  "The Gift." Allan Dale together with the PILYOZ sang a groovy Christmas song entitled "This Christmas." A dance number from PILYOZ together with the office staff led by CPD Marlene Medina dancing to the tune of "Yeah" by Chris Brown.

During dinner, a group of young children from Children's Joy Foundation orphanage serenaded us with awesome Christmas carols that touched many of the members to give to their cause. Truly the Spirit of Giving filled the room and the joy can be seen in the eyes and faces of the children performing.

The big highlight of the evening was the launching of the Pinoy Quantum Power. An AVP ad featuring the 4 different colors was played on screen.  Five leaders from Davao headed by CPD Chris Madrid came through the screen in different sports outfit wearing the Pinoy Quantum Power bands. The famous YouTube sensation and TV personality, James Obeso, a.k.a. “Moymoy Palaboy” and movie and TV star actress-comedian, Miss Giselle Sanchez, really love to wear our Pinoy Quantum Power.  Sixteen pieces were freely thrown to the audience as everyone wanted one. Our official endorser, Mr Ogie Alcasid is all out in promoting his personally-inspired Pinoy Quantum Power!

To promote the camaraderie, two groups presented their talent, Paragon group headed by CPDs Joel and Virgie Amangan and Baguio Group of CPD Chris Madrid. Winner by unanimous decision was Paragon, performing a medley of sorts.

Our BINGO prices worth P1000 to P5000, MyPhone Dual Sim Cellular Phones and the grand prize of Php 20,000 for the blackout Bingo were played and won by blessed participants. It was the funniest, happiest Christmas gathering ever with more than 400,000 pesos worth of prizes given away!

CPD Pastor Art shared about the real Reason of the season... more than the gift-giving and the feasting, the Christ of Christmas should always be at the center of our lives.  We ended the party with a prayer led by PD Pastor Steve Mirpuri.

We praise and thank our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for our brilliant and strategic leaders, Founder CEO Mr Paul Ting and Founder Director Mr KS Lee, in bringing our FE business to this globally competitive level!



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